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Stone Veneer Panel Products presents a fantastic and unique material as a natural stone finish can now be achieved in a lightweight form, flexible and wafer thin, the amazing features of this stone product opens up possibilities to many design concepts that can range from external & internal wall cladding to interior furnishings & finishes in a custom built yacht.  

With sheet sizes measuring 1220x610mm, a large area can be covered within a short space of time and with our unique adhesive that cures within minutes it allows for a constant flow of work which reduces installation times. The stone is available in 11 different colours, all featuring their own unique patterning and texture. This product is lightweight and  is extremely easy to handle, again samples of this product can be provided on request, please click on the online galleries tab to view examples of our work using Stone Veneer Panels Products.



Stone Veneer



Kitchen Door 

Stand out from the crowd by having our unique and stylish Stone Door in your kitchen. This flexible product allows us to make curved doors, handleless doors, mixed door combinations, plinths and end-panels. 



Kitchen Doors Lancashire

Floor Tiles 

Avoid the hassle of tile cutters, unnecessary weight and fragility of conventional tiles. Our stone tiles are lightweight and durable that can be cut on a regular wood saw. 


Floor Tiles


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