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How much do quartz worktops cost?

Are quartz worktops expensive? If you are asking yourself this question then look no further. There are a range of suppliers that are in the worktop market these days, offering a wide range of quartz styles, thicknesses and price points. One of the misconceptions is that quartz and granite worktops are extremely expensive. Well, relative to laminate worktops they are but in comparison to the quote from your kitchen company you may be surprised. In our experience, many worktop suppliers inflate the price of recognised branded stones so they can sell their own branded material, here at StoneandGlass Ltd we only sell branded stones with robust warranties. These stones are not inflated and sold at their intended price points to enable customers to have a quality product with peace of mind. As a worktop and glass splashback design studio, StoneandGlass Ltd offer a bespoke service with specialist guidance that may help you save a significant amount on your existing quote. #kitchenworktops #kitchenworktopsupplier #quartzworktopsupplier

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